3D Models

     All of the CAD modelling that I do is in Solidworks.  Formats may not work in other CAD softwares.  For a more complete library of my models, as well as thousands of far better models by designers more talented than myself please visit https://grabcad.com/guunhan/projects



Jump Ring Cutter


Utility Shed

3 1024x791 - 3D Models Adam Sutton

BTC Miner Box

Turtle Tank

Turtle Tank

Final Iteration of 3D Model

Snake Tank

Solidworks Knotted Star of David

Woven Star of David

Card Display Case 300x232 - 3D Models Adam Sutton

Display Case

water Wheel 300x232 - 3D Models Adam Sutton

Water Wheels

Threaded Wood Bolt Styles

1/2″ Wood Nuts & Bolts

Acrylic Fish Tank

Acrylic Fish Tank

1 1024x819 - 3D Models Adam Sutton

Portable Stove

Corner Table 1 1024x768 - 3D Models Adam Sutton

3 Tier Corner Shelves