Title 4 - <h1>Bitcoin Miner Box</h1> Adam Sutton

Bitcoin Miner Box

A long long time ago I decided to buy a bitcoin miner.  The miner board its self is only visible in the second part of the first picture in the second gallery below.

I did not want the miner mining unprotected so I set out to build this box.  I would post the instructions on how to get the miner up and running, but the thing is so out of date (mines 9.7 gh/s) why bother?

Always best to start with a 3d model.

The box is made entirely of 1/4″ MDF. I used some dremel router package to route the shapes for all the internals to lock together tightly.

I covered the 250W power supply with a anti-static plastic to prevent any static charge from damaging the miner.

I installed two exhaust fans for cooling above and below the miner board as the board stretches across the entire width of the box.  There is cut-to-size activated carbon filter behind all exhaust ports.  The box is finished with several coats of black spray lacquer.  Sadly, I do not have pictures of the box in its more pristine state, but above you can see it still sitting prettyish and operating six years later.