C3 e1517521937922 - <h1>Knotted Star of David Pendant</h1> Adam Sutton

Knotted Star of David Pendant

     I am not sure why exactly I decided to carve this knotted Star of David pendant, but it is my favorite style of the Jewish Star.  I first noticed the knotted Star of David on a tattoo and it has stuck with me since as the most striking iteration out there.

     As always, the project started with a 3D model in Solidworks (see on Grabcad). I used Sapele wood left over from my Christmas Box project.  Sapele is one of the few lumbers with the strength to hold together with such narrow walls, and has a grain that I thought would age beautifully around the neck without lacquer.

     I didn’t use too many tools to make this.  I first traced the shape on to the wood, then rough cut the shape on my band saw.  The Sapele I have is inch thick rough cut, so I then split the rough shape in to two half inch stars, again using the band saw.

     Oddly, I put my smallest straight router bit in to my drill press and used it like a router to open the inner spaces of the star as much as possible before filing and carving.

     I brought all of the inner spaces and the outside edges of the star to size using a simple set of files from Harbor Freight.  This was a slow method, especially on such dense wood, but it was an excellent way to occupy free time.

     After bringing everything to shape the knotwork was a bit touch and go before getting down a reliable method.  Ultimately, I used a piece of saw I broke off of a hacksaw blade to first groove the deepest part of the knot, then used a carving knife to shape the slope of the knot.

     This experience prompted me to discover and purchase a Micro-Mark Micro Saw Set.  I did not get to use it on this project, but it cuts through the hardest woods like butter.  Great tool to have!

     After shaping, carving and making sure all band saw burns were gone no finish was added.  My hope was to let the wood age back to a dark state, then coat the pendant in a flat lacquer once it reached that perfect look.  I took a piece of spring stainless steel and formed it in to a loop so I could attach the pendant to my Jens’ Pind necklace.