Title 2 - <h1>The Sconce</h1> Adam Sutton

The Sconce

It just so happened that I had this rather nice looking Japanesey table lamp that I had previously outfitted with a flicker bulb from Home Depot (seen here).  I pictured this lamp hanging inverted above my bed as a portion of my bedroom renovations.  I set out to build a sconce body using some rather pristine Sapelle scraps I had which really belonged together with that lamp.

My original design for the wall mounted portion was a single straight vertical piece divided by three downward curved horizontals. To this end I built a steam box which can be viewed in another project on my website. Naturally, the steam box fell apart and my attempts at wood bending yielded me some very charred pieces. Which of course are perfect for a lamp pretending to be a candle.

Above you can see the steps involved in building the wall mount portion.


 Building the hanging base for the lamp.

Finishing all of the pieces and putting them together.