1/2″ Wood Nuts and Bolts

Threaded Wood Bolt Styles     These models are digital versions for some of my wooden nut and bolt styles.  I made these in order to test out different applications of my wooden nuts and bolts.   Such as in my water wheel models.  There is a website http://woodbolts.com that I was building up around the sale of these threaded wood doohickeys, but had to discontinue the progress after losing the use of my right hand. 

     I make my bolts using the Beall Wood Threader.  It is an excellent device, far superior to the common Chinese wood taps and dies.  The only wood threading sets in the same league as the Beall Threader are the German kits, however they are less reliable as they do not use a router making thread failure more likely.  Additionally, the Beall Threader has many stabilizing aspects to its systems giving you more consistent results.

     Files also available on Grabcad.

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